April 10th, 6:30 pm est & April 11th, 6:30 pm est
The PPA Easter Bowl presented by Simone Jardim & Peak Performance is a live streaming event that showcases the professional pickleball players doing trick shots and various challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the Easter Bowl Works

Simone Jardim will be coordinating the PPA Easter Bowl challenges and getting players ready to compete on certain challenges:
  • Behind the back ground strokes in a row
  • In-between the legs ground strokes in a row
  • Non-dominant volleys in a row only forehand
  • Shadow forehands 15 seconds
  • Shadow backhands 15 seconds

Friday's Participants

Male Participants
Paul Olin
Eden Lica
Joey Farias
Morgan Evans
Rob Cassidy
Tyler Loong
Frank Anthony Davis
Jay Devilliers
Pat Smith
Dekel Bar
Kyle Yates
Wes Gabrielsen
Collin Johns
Ben Johns
Rob Davidson

Saturday's Participants

Female Participants
Anna Leigh Waters
Lucy Kovalova
Bobbie Phoumy
Suzee Anderson
Meg Charity
Olivia McMillan
Catherine Parenteau
Athena Trouillot
Lee Whitwell
Joy Leising
Kasandra Gehrke
Michelle Esquivel
Martina Kochli
Jessie Irvine
Irina Tereschenko
Simone Jardim
Corinne Carr

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Simone Jardim, Peak Performance

The purpose of doing this competition was to bring us all together to support a greater cause. We wanted to do something fun that could bring some joy to people who support us throughout our careers. We are all missing pickleball and being with the people we love, but we are hopeful that soon we will be able to do those things. We wish our pickleball family healthy and strength during these challenging times.

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